40G and 100G TAPs

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Soba Vigor (Pty) Ltd local agents for Garland Technologies announce the availability of the new 40G and 100G MM Fibre Taps.

40g-and-100g-taps-1The increase in core network speeds from 1G to 10G, 40G and 100G brings with it many monitoring challenges:

  • How can Application Performance and User Experience be monitored
  • How can Network Problems be identified
  • How can Security staff monitor IDS and Virus attacks
  • How can the VoIP traffic be isolated and monitored
  • How can legacy equipment be used in these new environments
  • How can Advanced Security Threats and Network Abnormalities be detected

And many more such monitoring requirements that require access to these high speed networks, but access alone is not sufficient, a 40G fibre interface consist of 4 x 10G MM fibres for the Tx and 4 x 10G MM Fibre for the Rx, both the Rx and Tx links are aggregated to form a 40G Tx Link and a 40G Rx Link, the MTP connectors carrying the multiple 10G fibres require terminating to special equipment.

Looking at the above challenges were does one begin?

Span /Mirror ports are not acceptable options in today’s networks when faced with the possibility of dropped packets and distorted information during heavy network load and not to mention monitoring equipment overload when faced with having to filter through 10G, 40G or 100G of traffic to find the information of interest.

The firsts stage is to install, non intrusive, TAPs that allow 100% of the traffic, 24/7, irrespective of the network load, from here the traffic may be directed to packet brokers for, aggregation, filtering, load balancing and  output to ports that may be connected to any variety of monitoring equipment.

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