Bank of America thought its Firewall and Anti Virus were good enough.

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Bank of America On Line Banking was down for 6 days effected 29 Million users!    Is your Firewall, Anti Virus, security better than Bank of Americas??

Already known cyber threats are efficiently detected and eliminated by firewall, antivirus, IDS/IPS or similar solutions. However, advanced cyber threats are designed as non-detectable by commonly available tools and if they overcome the security perimeter, they can easily spread uncontrolled in the network and behave in a way that they are regarded as legitimate. Thanks to their covert activity, they can access sensitive information or systems being unnoticed for a long period of time. The challenge here is to detect these attacks as soon as possible rather than investigate how to avoid them.

One of the examples is malware called Flame, which had gone undetected for five years until it was discovered by accident. Flame has infiltrated more than 5,000 networks, stealing data and providing access to the infected stations.
The analysis of activities within the data network is the only way to detect these cyber threats. Although they seem to be invisible in legitimate network traffic, they can be detected using detailed analysis of network traffic and detection of real network anomalies. The analysis and detection have to be fully automated since today’s network traffic volume, increasing network complexity and dynamics disable manual analysis.

The Cost Effective FlowMon solution focuses on detection of complex and dangerous threats which breaks into internal network despite the perimeter protection and can operate unnoticed for several months or even years. Major benefits include:

  • Protection of internal network, which is most vulnerable to advanced cyber threats.
  • Detection of threats closer to the origin and in time, minimizing the damage and reducing the risk of further spread.
  • Scalable, non-invasive and cost-effective security monitoring of the entire network.
  • Simplification and automation of expensive manual process of inspecting incidents.
  • Ability to leverage existing network infrastructure.

FlowMon – Cost Effective Advanced Threat Detection & Network Monitoring –

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