Network Monitoring Software

A powerful, easy-to-use tool for real-time network mapping

Visualize Your Network

No more guessing exactly how many routers and switches you have, or which device is consuming all the bandwidth. See your complete IT infrastructure and each component’s current state clearly on a network map for a reliable, accurate view of network performance.

Maximize Uptime

Keep users and customers happy with healthy network performance. With network mapping and monitoring software, you receive immediate alerts when there’s signs of trouble on the network, so you can find and fix issues before they become serious.

Troubleshoot Issues Faster

Real-time status icons and performance metrics help you assess problem areas in seconds instead of hours. With less time and frustration spent troubleshooting, you and your IT team will save time, reduce frustration, and increase user satisfaction.

Key Features

Automatic network mapping

im-product-hover-network-mapping-copyAutomatically discover and document every IP-enabled device in your network within minutes. Customize the look of your map with hundreds of icons and background options. You can also create hierarchical maps and sub-maps to show certain network areas, such as a floor of a building, classroom, or closet. Learn more >

Proactive network monitoring

im-product-hover-network-monitoring-copyIntermapper monitors all your devices, interfaces, servers, and applications 24/7 by using probes to continuously poll their current status. As your network map updates in real time, color-coded icons give you an at-a-glance view of performance.  Learn more >

Robust network management

im-product-hover-network-management-copyAnalyze reports, manage condition acknowledgements, and update alert settings to ensure optimal network health. With Intermapper, IT professionals can manage the network from an intuitive interface and quickly access the data you need to solve issues and make decisions. Manage your network from whatever platform you choose, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Learn more >

Smart alerting

Don’t ever miss a critical network event. Flexible notifications alert your team when performance thresholds have been exceeded. Choose from a variety of alert options, including sounds, emails, text messages, and more. Customize the schedule, assign to a specific group, and set up escalation to ensure a response.

Network capacity planning

As your network grows, Intermapper helps you analyze trends and maintain a healthy network both now and in the future. Review historic metrics, strip charts, and reports to help maximize capacity planning efforts so your network infrastructure is sure to support traffic levels of any size.

What Can You Monitor? Just About Anything

Keep tabs on every network component with Intermapper. Get visibility into the performance of any IP-enabled device on your network in real time. Intermapper gives you the ability to monitor:

ServersSwitches, firewalls, and routers
Endpoints Applications
Wireless devicesEnvironmental sensors
Facilities systemsVideoconferencing equipment
Industrial equipmentTelecommunications devices

Analyze Traffic Flowing Across Your Network

Dig deeper into network traffic with Intermapper Flows

Get the full details of your network activity with Intermapper Flows. Used in conjunction with Intermapper, the network traffic monitoring tool provides a more in-depth look at the traffic flowing through and across your network to help you troubleshoot issues, identify trends, and plan for future IT infrastructure needs. Powerful, accurate, and comprehensive, Intermapper Flows can tell you exactly who, what, and where bandwidth is being consumed for a more granular look at your network health.

Remote Monitoring for Anytime, Anywhere Network Management

Monitor devices remotely with Intermapper Remote Access

Do you have multiple office locations? Are you a consultant monitoring a client site, or a managed service provider? Intermapper Remote Access, used along with Intermapper, gives IT teams access to the Intermapper server from anywhere, provides on-the-go monitoring capabilities, and helps you stay on top of network performance across locations. Perfect for IT teams who need to monitor a multi-location organization, Intermapper Remote Access provides all of the flexibility and simplicity of Intermapper combined with safe, secure remote access to help make life easier for network professionals.