Who is Nextragen?

  • Developer of software-based test and monitoring solutions
  • Testing, monitoring and analysis of the quality of service and experience of VoIP, Video and IPTV
  • Continous and flexible End2End quality measurement in networks
  • Global sales through a network of certified partners
  • 100% Made in Germany


Readiness Check

  • Ensuring network readiness
  • Determining network performance


  • Baselining


Active End2End Monitoring

  • Proactive quality monitoring of SLAs
  • Proactive alert function
  • Reporting, trending



  • Quick error localization
  • Restoring Quality of Service

TraceSim – Call generator for VoIP and video

This VoIP/ video traffic simulator has been specifically designed to perform precise network performance measurements. TraceSim is an advanced and easy-to-use measurement tool which actively monitors voice and data networks by generating VoIP calls and video streams to measure and report in detail on the VoIP, video and QoS parameters.

TraceMon – VoIP, video and IPTV monitoring tool

TraceMon is a passive long-term monitoring solution for VoIP, video and IPTV applications. To ensure the smooth running of IT infrastructures, all components involved in the communication process must move within the network parameters required. TraceMon employs internationally accepted evaluation methods to analyse VoIP and video streams in IP networks, and to deliver extensive reports on and detailed assessments of the network’s speech and video qualities (QoS). Thanks to the alerting system, alerts are sent out automatically when threshold values are exceeded. In addition, TraceMon delivers the necessary information for SLA reporting.

TraceView – VoIP, video and IPTV analysis tool

TraceView is optimised for error localisation in VoIP and IPTV/ video systems. TraceView measures VoIP network parameters, such as jitter, packet loss, etc. and delivers MOS values based on the E-model. Traceview offers numerous additional functions for triple-play services such as connection lists, reports on quality parameters, etc. TraceView delivers quick QoS results of the captured IPTV/ video streams and VoIP connections, whilst providing the necessary functions for IPTV/ video services, such as program overview, management reports, etc.

PESQ|Server – PESQ testing during field service

The PESQ?Server serves as a central station to measure the end-to-end quality via PESQ in hybrid VoIP infrastructures. This remote station delivers the necessary information during acceptance tests of NGN connections as well as during active PESQ measurements via VoIP clients, such as any certified hand-held tester.

NTG|Small – TraceSim remote station hardware

NTG|Small is a special hardware adapter which serves as a remote station for TraceSim. NTG|Small can perform quality measurements according to the PESQ and the E-model. It has been optimised to measure up to 40 parallel connections and is suitable for larger IP setups.

  • Remote station of TraceSim for active measuring of end-to-end quality
  • Remotely configurable
  • Ideal for field-service applications